Over here in England in Society lived a nobleman of high degree
He would never marry, so the rumour ran,
Although he always seemed to be a ladies man
In his day he had no end of cash
But at backing horses he was very, very rash
He never seemed to win, a most unlucky chap
But when at last he 'tumbled' that he hadn't got a rap.

Chorus: Over came a dainty little dame all the way from Chicago
She'd got plenty of L.S.D., soon she got into Society
Her money his title, seemed to fit each other like a glove
Yesterday they were married right away
And they didn't worry much about love.

Angelina Getthere was the lady's name,
Soon she got there for she knew her game
She came over here to do the trick, you bet
Very quickly had her eye upon his coronet
When they met she soon began to talk
'Bout the money her papa was making out of pork
He flopped upon his knees - to marry her he craved
And, of course, she took him on, and that's how he was saved.


Now the job is over, take the tip from me
He's as happy as a man can be
Rolling now in money - oh it's all sublime
Smoking great fat cigars at half-a-crown a time
Often has his 'hundred' on a race
Now he's not afraid to look a tailor in the face
He owns a lovely yacht, and several motor-cars
And ev'ry day the noble lord must thank his lucky stars, when

Words and music by Fred Murray & Fred W. Leigh- 1901
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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