One evening boys, not long ago, I'd nothing else to do
So down the Mile End Road I took a stroll
And I met there a lady fair, with eyes of heavenly blue
Whose beauty seemed to charm my inmost soul
Our meeting, you will say, was quite romantic in its way
For while an organ 'grinded' out loud
The strains of that sweet ditty 'Ta-ra-ra- boom-de-ay'
I found her there surrounded by a crowd.

Chorus: Dancing to the organ in the Mile End Road
Dancing to the organ in the Mile End Road
That little Irish tart, she fairly won my heart
Dancing to the organ in the Mile End Road.

We wandered to a big hotel, which happened to be near
And 'downed ' the spirits, till our spirits rose
But all at once the place went round, and I felt awful queer
What happened after - goodness only knows
Imagine my surprise upon wakening to find
The girl had gone - so had my watch and chain
I sought her up and down, and after scouring half the town
Would you believe I found her once again.


I begged her to give me back my watch, but she refused
And told me I could go to - you know where
Just then a p'liceman passing by, informed me I was boozed
And said that of my carcase he'd take care
Next morning i was dragged before a magistrate half-dead
There in the court I saw my wife, oh Lor
Who paid the fine, and then to me, in tearful accents said
'You brute, I'll watch you don't go any more,

Written by C.W. Murphy & Pat Rafferty - 1893
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
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