Joe was in love with sweet Mabel
And Dame Rumour said he was anxious to wed
But somehow he never felt able
To speak when his loved one was nigh
He'd blush like a rose when he met her
And over each word he would stammer absurd
But once in the form of a letter
He thought for her heart he'd apply
So straight way he wrote this business like note

Chorus: 'Darling Mabel, now I'm able
To buy the happy home
Since they've raised my screw, love
I've enough for two, love
Will you marry, do not tarry
Answer yes or no
I conclude with love and kisses
Yours for ever, Joe'

Joe, for his sweet Mabel's answer
Would wait on the mat for the postman's rat-tat
And wonder if she'd say 'I can't, sir'
Or promise to be his own wife
He waited six months, and got thinner
He'd sob and he'd sigh and would pipe his blue eye
Would go without breakfast or dinner
In fact, he felt tired of his life
In dreams he would quote that letter he wrote


The sequel I haste to be stating
For truth now to tell, Mabel loved him quite well
Then why did she keep the chap waiting
The answers as plain as can be,
His life he'd determined to end it
When in his old coat he discovered the note
Somehow he'd forgotten to send it
He rushed off to Mabel with glee
Their Wedding's today, for he found pluck to say

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott
Performed by Leonard Barry
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