The Admiral sat in his cabin
As the big ship sped o'er the foam
He was reading a letter delivered by hand
As the squadron was sailing from home
The grammar was rather eccentric
And the spelling quite puzzled his head
But at last he got hold of the meaning
And these were the words he read:

Chorus: Dear Mr Admiral you'll excuse me writing to you
But my young man he's aboard your ship
And I don't want him to give me the slip
Will you please keep your eye on him as the time rolls on
'Cos I don't want none of them Hotentot gals to pinch my John.

John Miggs was the person referred to
And the Admiral's servant was he
And he found that each port where the ship had to stop
In disgrace he was certain to be
His mates went ashore for enjoyment
But aboard ship John had to stay
Oh, if he'd only known it was all through a letter
That ran this way:


The next time John Miggs met his sweetheart
With his wrongs he was very near wild
When he told the way he'd been treated, she said
'What a shame' but she inwardly smiled
The names that he called the old Admiral
Were a little too sultry to quote
And she thought she had better not mention a word
Of the note she wrote:

Performed by George Lashwood (1863-1942)
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