I like my share of pleasure, and I'll have it while I can
I love a loving woman, and respect an honest man
I like to find true friendship in the life that's rolling by
And such is always found between, my old Pal Tom and I.

Chorus: We're dear old pals, jolly old pals
Clinging together through all sorts of weather
Dear old pals, jolly old pals
Give me the friendship of dear old pals.

We've tasted of the ‘ups' of life, we've also felt its ‘downs'
Sometimes our pockets held bright gold, and sometimes only ‘browns'
And be our drink bright sparkling ‘cham', or merely humble beer
The grasp of friendship's been the same, through each succeeding year


We do snug little dinners, and they pass off very nice
I put my old pal in the chair, he makes me take the vice
We toast her Gracious Majesty, we don't forget the ‘gals'
But the toast of the evening is ‘Success to true old pals'.


It's ever been my maxim, yes, and so it ever shall
To help a stranger when I can, but never desert a pal
And after winning life's hard fight, what sweet reward is found
In a conscience clear, a heart that's light, and dear old pals around.

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt - 1877
Performed by G.H. MacDermott (1845-1901)
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