In a certain street called Bishopsgate,
For many months I used to wait;
Night after night 'bout half-past eight,
To see my little Hilda Hicks,
Her age I think was twenty four,
For rags and bones she kept a store:
Her shop, it was almost next door,
To the celebrated Dirty Dicks.

Chorus: Dirty Dicks, Dirty Dicks,
At Dirty Dicks, at Dirty Dicks,
That blow was like a load of bricks;
When I heard that my Matilda Hicks,
Had married a clerk at Dirty Dicks.

Now always at the setting sun,
Whenever my hard work was done:
I'd tail upon my darling one,
I'm alluding to Matilda Hicks.
Then what a fuss there'd be with me,
With her she'd make me have some tea;
And after that, quite regularly,
She'd get some gin from Dirty Dicks.

Chorus: Dirty Dick's, Filthy Dick's...

As time rolled on, I begun to see,
A wondrous change, what could it be,
She did not seem to care for me,
As once did my Matilda Hicks.
I then got quite weak, pale and thin,
For every night that I went in;
And she went out to fetch the gin,
She stayed too long at Dirty Dicks.

Chorus: Dirty Dick's, Mucky Dick's...

This anguish then from week to week,
I could not bear, said I, I'll speak;
Tell me, you, who look so meek,
The cause of this, Matilda Hicks.
Then thus she spoke in solemn tones,
I'm going to marry William Jones;
We open a store for rags and bones,
He's a clerk engaged at Dirty Dicks.

Chorus: Dirty Dick's, Filthy Dick's...

My love is now turned into hate,
I'II vengeance have, altho' I wait
For years and years, 'tis not too late;
Revenge is sweet, Matilda Hicks
By night and day may she hear my groans,
May she be reduced to rags and bones,
I'II triumph yet o'er Mrs. Jones,
And her shabby clerk from Dirty Dirk's.

Chorus: Dirty Dick's, Cobwebby Dicks...

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1873
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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