If you're passing down our way you can 'ear the donah's say,
'What a barny, what a day, soon there's going to be.'
Billy Thomkins, 'e's so nice, with 'is Liza means to splice,
So get in your stock of rice, if you wants a spree.
Billy Thomkins 'e's a bloke from off the Surrey side,
I come from Mile End Road and I'm to be the bride.
Everywhere the news has spread, I'm proud of it, what ho!
And when they spot me in the street they let this Chorus: go,

Chorus: 'Wot cher, you lucky gel, you are a nobby swell.
Strike me lucky! You're a ducky!' 'Ear the fellows say.
'Your bloke loves you true. 'E'll be a pal to you
Glad we met you, won't forget you, on your wedding day.'

Stepney, Bow, and Bethnal Green with their donah's all serene,
On the morning will be seen, waiting for the bride.
All the pals from far and near
Round the church will raise a cheer
Won't they sink some bags of beer when the knot is tied.
All the gals from Lambeth is a-coming with their blokes,
They've painted every barrow and they've
whitewashed all the mokes.
What price the Coronation or the bloomin' Jubilee.
Why, the whole of East End London keeps a-singing out to me,


All the stuff, we've laid it in and it cost a lot of tin,
Whiskey by the bloomin' bin, Old Tom in galore.
Meat and 'taters by the ton there's enough for everyone,
And the cake will take the bun, that you may be sure.
And the tasty wedding dress, it's scarlet satin, new,
With one white feather in my hat - the rest is green and blue.
It comes off in a day or two, and very pleased am I,
'Cos I lately heard this Chorus: from the police-van passing by,


Performed by Lottie Lennox ( b. 1886)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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