A girl should be respectful to her ma, that's true
But in my situation what's a girl to do?
Ma and I we can't agree, though I feel bound to say
She's had lots of trouble in the matrimonial way
I call it trouble but it doesn't trouble her
Ma wouldn't worry much whatever might occur
I do the worrying, and thought it only right
To say just what I thought, and so I said the other night,

Chorus: 'Don't get married anymore, Ma
Don't get married any more
Four times in my time a bride you've been
And more before I came upon the scene
I don't like so many changes
Makes me sort of wonder where we are
Soon as I get used to one, another comes along
Can't I have a permanent papa?'

She didn't seem to like it, when I spoke like that
She stared at me, and said, 'I'll please myself - that's flat.'
'Ma,' says I, 'I know you've been unlucky in the past
Can't you find a husband, though, that's guaranteed to last?
When I look back a bit, it's so peculiar
So many gentlemen I've had to call papa
You've had so many names, it must be eight or nine
I often have to think before I'm certain which is mine.'


'It's not my place to tell you, but I will,' said Ma
'It's true that sev'ral husbands I have had so far
None of them, however, was the right one, bear in mind
I must keep on searching my affinity to find.'
I don't know what she means exactly, but, you see
Young Mr Perkins wants to be engaged to me
I dare not take him home to introduce to Ma
Suppose he's Ma's affinity! I'd get a new papa!

Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh & Henry E. Pether - 1907
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