In the days of good Queen Bess in history we read,
The Spaniards thought to capture Britain's Isle.
But the way they came to grief made England's foes confess,
Invading England wasn't worth their while.
We're just as plucky now and if anyone should dare,
To threaten us they'd find that we've no fears,
We've soldiers just as brave and sailors on the wave,
And we've two hundred thousand volunyeers.

Chorus: So don't talk to me about invasion,
Nor say that we are in a sorry plight,
There's not another nation in creation,
That dares with us to fight.
Our soldiers they are just as brave as ever,
Our soldiers too, who fight upon the wave,
And with volunteers ashore, what on Earth do we want more
To protect the little island of the brave?

Next Bonaparte you know in a manner very bold,
Declared he'd conquer Johnny Bull or die,
He'd a million men at arms well used to war's alarms,
He didn't frighten John, I'll tell you why.
John spent his money then on ships and guns and men,
He didn't fear a hundred thousand foes,
One Englishman was then as good as three Frenchmen,
He's just as good today you may suppose.


And then the times brought forth a Wellington, you know,
A Nelson too and other leaders, good.
And Bonaparte was routed by the heroes then adored,
The might of England could not be withstood;
For 'England, Home and Beauty' our sailors nobly fell,
'Up guards and at 'em.' Wellington did cry,
Today, they're as brave, on the land or on the wave,
They would fight for home and beauty, do or die!

Written and performed by 'Jolly' John Nash (1830-1901)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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