I once was a sailor who sailed on the ocean
Of course you can't sail on the shore
And as I'm a sailor who's never known fear
They asked me to see to the Sale they've got here
All I've got to do is to stand, you understand
On this stand, where I'm standing and so
If you'd like to know what I do for my money
I'll tell you if you'd like to know.

Chorus: I'm standing here from morning till night
Morning till night, morning till night
And when I've done standing here from morning till night
I stand here from night till morning.

I started today and I rowed with the Governor
He thought that I'd come here to work
I told him I'd go, he said right don't come back
I gave him his notice, he gave me the sack
But I mean to get my own back with the Governor
I can do it too without doubt
I shan't stand here now to let customers in
I shall stand here to keep them all out.

Written and composed by W. David & G. Arthurs
Recorded 1911 by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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