Straight it does aggravate me every day
To see some coves when summer time comes round
Go to the sea-side, dressed in their fal-de-rals
And not alone the married folks, but bits of boys and girls
I like to patronise our little health resort
And, the best of it, you've nothing there to pay
The wood-yard's given us some 'beech',
And we've bought some silver sand
It's so lovely that it makes me say,

Chorus: 'Come down where I live
It doesn't matter whether you've any wealth
Come down where I live
It's any odds it benefits your health
Talk about your Brighton or your Margate
The ozone's strong and free
It's a sea-side place all upon its own
Down at Berm-on-Sea.

Down at Blackpool they say they've got a tow'r
Well, what of that? We've got a tower as well
Our Tower of London knocks it clean out of sight
Our Monument for climbing up puts all the cliffs to flight
Scarb'ro' has got a spar, but see our nippers 'spar'
I give you my word we've got as tidy load
At night you see the boys and girls hanging round about the 'Spar'
That's a public house in old Spar road.


We can build you nigh anything you like
We've got the tools we keep in Tooley Street
And from 'Our Island' coppers are warned away
For we can always handle lots of tanners ev'ry day
Brighton and Margate may have lots of pleasure boats
Well, you ought to see our steamers up-to-date
And to beat it all, we get the ozone from morn to night
From a palace christened Billingsgate.

Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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