Down in Devonshire there's a farm in a rural country glade;
There a tourist spent his holidays,
Then went back and told of jolly days,
There with a rural maid...
"She has promised that she will be mine,"
He proudly said, as he tossed his head;
She's a dairy maid, extra fine,
And , oh! she loves her Fred...

Chorus: "Down, down, down in Devonshire I met Polly;
Oh! You should spot her...
I'm proud I've got her,
Because she's a real, good Devonshire lass,
Oh! She's a dream...
I'm in heaven when I'm in Devon,
With my bit of Devonshire cream."

Down in Devonshire to that farm,
In a week or two there went
Fred's friend, Joe, who looked for Polly, too;
Found that she was really jolly, too,
And what a time he spent!
Said to Freddie when home he got,
"The lass I know and I love her so,
We've decided to tie the knot,
For, oh! she loves her Joe.


Fred was really annoyed at that,
And he said, "She's true to me!"
They decided both to go along,
Strange to say, both Fred and Joe were wrong,
When they got there to see.
Polly's wedding was taking place,
And down the aisle, full of nods and smiles,
A yokel said, with a laughing face,
"My word, she loves her Giles.


Written and composed by George A. Stevens - 1909
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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