Billy Tomkins, McNab with Montgomery and Brown,
And myself t'other night at our club all sat down;
And every one swore he would spend his last "brown"
In treating his pals all around.
And after we'd had a few drinks in the place,
Billy Tomkins arose with his jolly red face,
And said, "I will not be outdone in the race,
For I shall stand glasses round!"

Chorus: Drink up boys and let us have another,
That last round's made me feel fine;
Drink up boys and all your troubles smother,
You've stood your round and I'll stand mine!

We drank that round quickly to keep out the cold,
And a precious good story Montgomery told;
But e'er we broke up poor Montgomery rolled,
And helplessly lay on the ground.
Then Brown, undertaker ,who ne'er makes a noise,
But in miserable fashion his liquor enjoys,
Said, "Now then I hope you'll allow me my boys,
This time to stand glasses round!"


I told you Montgomery was down on the floor,
But whenever he heard orders given for more,
Said he'd have another, which made us all roar,
As he struggled and rose from the ground.
And when he'd drank that, he said, "Now it's my shout!"
We laughed but he said, "I know what I'm about!"
Though to-morrow I'll have a good fit of the gout,
We will have another round!


Although every one there was more or less boozed,
When I looked at McNab I was vastly amused,
To see that he wasn't the least bit confused,
Though he'd had fifteen drinks I'll be bound.
He scouted me when I suggested that then
We should go home to bed like respectable men,
And said we maun hae doch and doris ye ken,
And this will be the last round!

Chorus: Drink up chaps and let us hae anither ,
That last round's made me feel fine;
Drink up chaps and a yer troubles smother,
You've stood your round and I'll stand mine!

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1891
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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