Jack Jones is well known to everybody,
Round about the market, don't yer see
I've no fault to find wiv Jack at all
When 'e's as 'e used to be
But somehow, since 'e's 'ad the bullion
Left 'e 'as altered for the wust
When I see the way 'e treats old pals
I am filled wiv nothing but disgust
'E sez as 'ow we isn't class enuf
'E sez we ain't upon a par
Wiv 'im just because 'e's better off
Won't smoke a pipe, must take on a cigar

Chorus: When 'e's up at Covent Garden
You can see 'im standin' all alone
Won't join in a quiet Tommy Dodd
Drinking Scotch and Sodas on 'is own
'E 'as the cheek and impidence to call
'Is muvver 'is ma
Since Jack came into a little bit of splosh
Why, 'e don't know who 'e are

Wears boots as pinches up 'is awk'ard feet
I've seen 'im in a collar and tie
When I saw 'e'd got a diamond pin
Felt as if I'd like to die
'E drives up in an 'ansom every day
Tho' 'e's big enough to walk
Speaks as though 'e was a Colonel Norf
Nearly makes yer ill to 'ear 'im talk
One day I saw 'im wiv a top-'at on
'E said 'e'd bought anuvver fer 'is pa
Wears gloves and no mistake they're kid
Which shows the josser don't know where 'e are.

Written and composed by Harry Wright & Fred Eplett
Recorded by Gus Elen (1862-1940) - 1931
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