Everywhere it's advertised, eat more fruit
I think that's a good idea, eat more fruit
In prehistoric days they used to live long lives
Why, Solomon, you all know, he had a thousand wives.

Chorus: Eat more fruit, eat more fruit
Don't eat mutton, don't eat lamb
Don't eat beef and don't eat ham
Then you'll find, then you'll find
You'll live to ninety-nine before you scoot, scoot, scoot
What did eve say to Adam, that saucy little madam?
"Oh Adam you must eat more fruit."

Bertie took his Angeline out one night
Took her out to dine and what an appetite
And when he got the bill, what? Ten pounds six and three
He said to her "The next time, dear, that you come out with me."


Mrs Green and Mrs Brown strange to say
Went to church and both got married one fine day
And in two years or so, Mrs Brown had three
"I've got none" said Mrs Green, so then said Mrs B,

Written and composed by Herbert Rule & Harry Stogden - 1925
Performed by Wee Georgie Wood (1894-1979)
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