Girls I've some news for you, I've just made up me mind
To settle down and marry when a wife I find
She mustn't be thin, and not too stout
And mustn't be too familiar when we walk out.
I'm not fastidious or hard to woo,
The girlie that weds me, all she's got to do

Chorus: Give me eggs and bacon for me breakfast,
A nice cut of salmon for me tea,
A shoulder of lamb for me dinner and me lunch,
Be gentle and kind to me.
Plenty of beer for me supper,
Then up to bed I'll crawl.
And we'll cling together like the ivy
On the old garden wall.

I'm just a lover that a girl should dote upon,
For I look very tasty with a nightgown on.
Just look at these wicked eyes, and this fine nose,
And how're you goin' to find a pair of legs like those?
I'll be as faithful as the stars above,
If you'll find the dough girls
I'll find all the love.


Performed by Ernie Mayne (1871-1937)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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