There was once a nice girl who was modest and good
Such as you've known, I'm sure
And the world, as by folks of the world understood
Was a myst'ry to her, nothing more
But a myst'ry she longed to explore
Her yearning for knowledge so violent became
That Eva, for that, by-the-by, was her name
Took a fit in her head to leave home (Silly kid)
And set up in a flat, which she did.

Chorus: Eva, Eva, so independent was Eva
Strong was her passion, in up-to-date fashion
To mix in the world's giddy whirl
In herself she was quite a believer
And no one could then undeceive her
And her mother, aghast, spoke of Eva at last
As a naughty, naughty girl.

With a feminine friend - a congenial soul
Eva's a new life began
It was glorious fun to live free of control
On the twentieth century plan
Undisturbed by the presence of man
But though with decision Miss Eva averred
The old fashioned feminine ways were absurd
Ere retiring to rest every night, it is said
That she always looked under the bed.

Chorus: Eva, Eva, so awfully modern Eva
Spoke with sarcasm, of love as a 'spasm'
And man as a 'dolt' and a 'churl'
She would order her lovers to leave her
And tell them to go to - Geneva
The she'd pick up the cat and waste kisses on that
Like a naughty, naughty girl.

Now her feminine friend had a cousin - a man.
Handsome and debonair
He'd been staying abroad - in Peru - or Japan
Or some outlandish country somewhere
Anyhow, he'd made money out there
He started to call, and one day, when he'd gone
Her friend said to Eva, 'Poor dear Cousin John
We're old sweethearts, you know, and I can't but confess
If he wanted me now, I'd say 'Yes'.'

Chorus: Eva, Eva, sly little, shy little Eva
Murmured sedately, 'Dear John gave me lately
This ring with the beautiful pearl
You may think me a wicked deceiver
But love is a powerful lever
So you'll come later on to the wedding of John
And his naughty, naughty girl.'
Words by Joseph Tabrar/Fred W. Leigh - music by Joseph Tabrar - 1904
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