Every day I'm giving lots of good advice away
To people that I know
Every day they seem to find it hard and harder
Through the hustling world to go
But after all now what's the use of troubling?
Even though your share of fortune you're denied
You're sure to find your troubles are a-doubling
If you look upon the dark dark side
When you're down upon your luck it's hard to smile
But this motto it should cheer you all the while.

Chorus: Every cloud has a silver lining, tho' the sky's not always blue
Every cloud has a silver lining, and you'll find my words are true
Thing's won't mend if you sit down pining,
Tho' the clouds be dark today
Take no denying, keep a-trying and a-trying
Till you push those clouds away.

Mr Brown he loved a pretty girl named Lucy
But alas! he had no cash
Mr Brown was broken hearted when he heard
That she had wed some rich old mash
He nearly bought a pistol for he'd got the blues
And for days he contemplated suicide
But six months after that somebody brought the news
That his Lucy's rich old man had died
And he married the sweet widow at the close
She had twenty thousand pounds, which only shows,


Percy Green some time ago went for a trip upon
The big wheel at Earl's Court
Percy Green began to feel so very nervous
When the great big wheel stopped short
They signalled up, 'You'll have to stay there all the night.'
And he felt so lonely that he could have cried
Till seated in a gloomy corner opposite
Such a lovely little maid he spied
Then he sympathised with her up in the car
And she sypathised with him, so there you are,

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1906
Performed by George Lashwood (1963-1942)
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