I've walked out with Tom, and Dick, and Harry
Scotch boys, Welsh boys, two young men from Paree
Some folks say that love is really blind
And it must be with me, for I have failed to see
A nice young man on whom to fix my mind
And make my own, though I've one here in town.

Chorus: And he's a soldier, he's a soldier
And he's just the sort of man to be a soldier
His moustache is out to here
And he's a darling and a dear
And he's every inch a soldier and a man.

Once I went to San Francisco city
Where you find men absolutely witty
One boy there - you bet that he was great
When first he took a kiss - 'twas sweet connubial bliss
For 'looks' he beats all fellows in the state
And with his mighty style he takes them down.

Chorus: And he's a soldier, he's a soldier
And he's just the sort of build to be a soldier
And I guess and calculate
He's got a chest that's mighty great
Though a Yankee, he's a soldier and a man.

My best boy's an Irishman, be jabers
Who in Ireland's envied by his neighbours
But just now he's gone to risk his life
And he was mad to go and boldly face the foe
When he comes back I mean to be his wife
And shan't I be glad when he comes to town.

Chorus: Though he's a soldier, a common soldier
He has got the pluck and muscle for a soldier
And I'm proud to say the dear's
One of the Dublin Fusiliers
And he's proved himself a soldier and a man.
Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1900
Performed by Clara Wieland
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