There never was a fairer world than this , a month ago
There never was a brighter sun or sweeter flow'rs to blow
When Liza Jones and I went out, one look from her brown eyes
Would even turn the muddy streets into a Paradise
I fought as how 'twould never end, she always would be mine
I fought the flowers would always bloom, the sun would always shine
But one dark day I heard the news I never fought could be
My donah LIz was faifless, the world went black for me.

Chorus: Take the perfume from the flowers
And the sunshine from the sky
Take the song from those sweet birdies
On the forest boughs so high
Take the green fields from the country
And the bright blue from the sea
That's how this world seemed
When my Liz wos faifless unto me.

The glorious sun don't shine the same since love with me went wrong
The flowers seem whithered up and dried the birds 'ave lost their song
Why, even my canary bird, what I 'ave 'ad for years
Droops in his cage, and in his eyes I fancies I sees tears
The 'ouses now seem built of lead, the streets 'ave cruel stones
They used to seem like fevvers when I walked wiv Liza Jones
I never fought she'd chuck me up or make my love a joke
Until I seed 'er kissin' of a better lookin' bloke.


I bought a 'ome 'for when we're wed', it did look bloomin' spry
But now the chairs seem cold and bleak, the pictures 'ang awry
The fire won't burn when I go in to look around the place
The dirty windows only throw me back my mornful face
Yus, Like me 'eart - yus, like my life, the 'ome is now a wreck
And 'angs , just like this love of mine, a millstone round my neck
I wonder if she ever finks about me now at night
About the bloke what loved 'er, on whose life she's cast a blight.

Written and composed by Albert Hall & Orlando Powell - 1898
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