I'm standing tonight on the old village church,
That stands on the crest of the hill,
The moonbeams are shedding their glorious light,
On the wheel of the old water mill;
I'm bidding farewell to the scenes of my youth,
An unfortunate farmer am I,
The rich golden grain, will not grow on my land,
My fortune abroad I will try.

Chorus: Leaving the friends I love,
An exile I now must roam,
Bound for a foreign shore,
Forced from my dear old home;
Leaving my friends behind,
To share the bitter pain,
But if fortune favours the brave, as it should,
I'll return to the old home again.

In the beautiful meadows, adoring the scene,
I romped, as a gay-hearted boy!
With spirits as light as the sweet warbling lark,
My life had no touch of alloy.
I was healthy and strong in my youthful delight,
And looked forward to manhood with pride!
But the world has deceived me, I'm broken and poor,
And now amongst strangers must bide.


Farewell to the valleys! Farewell to the hills,
Where I spent the warm days of my youth,
I'll face the misfortunes that crowd on me now,
And trust in my strength and in truth!
I'll work with a will to earn honest reward,
I'l strive and I'll work night and main,
Though in sorrow I go, yet, in joy I'll return!
To the old village homestead again!


Written and composed by Will Godwin - 1895
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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