Since everyone's been called to work of National import
Our family's done their bit, as every Patriotic person ought
My Mother goes and makes munitions, so does sister Sue
Our Billy's in the flying corps, but what does Father do?

Chorus: Father keeps the home-fire burning
Never lets it out all day
He's such an energetic soul
All day long he's shoveling coal
Father keeps the home-fire burning
It's a duty he won't shirk
So there's always a nice warm fire for Mother,
When Mother comes home from work.

Now Mother lays the fire when she leaves her bed at four
And never puts her boots on till she gets outside the door
She mustn't wake poor Father, it would be an awful crime
For stoking's so laborious and he gets no overtime.


Since Mother's been on night-work Father's quite a different man
He's commandeered her wages and he's bought a warming pan
Today, he said, while knocking out his pipe upon the hob
'She'll have to change her night shift or she'll have to change her job.'

Sung by Maidie Scott (1887-1966)
Written and composed by A.J. Mills, J.P. Long & Maurice Scott
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