A birthday comes but once a year
It's a good thing it doesn't come twice
Yesterday was my birthday
And oh what a day was Yesterday
All my pals were there each one gay and bright
But all that I remember I kept saying all the night.

Chorus: Fill 'em up, fill 'em up, fill'em up, It is my birthday
Fill 'em up, fill 'em up, fill'em up, It is my birthday
Let us all remain, there's plenty of old champagne
Fill 'em up, fill 'em up, and fill 'em up again
Don't stop, don't stop,
I love to hear the corks go pop, pop, pop
The sound it makes us all feel gay
One never knows does one
What may happen to a mother's son
Before his next birthday.

Everything comes to an end
And a jolly good thing it does
Oh how champagne makes you feel
It might have been cham but the pain was real
Nine o' clock this morn, one chap said, 'I'm fine
Yesterday was your birthday, but today it's mine.

Written and composed by Thomas McGhee, Herbert Rule & James Walsh
Performed by Hetty King (1883-1972)
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