I've just learnt a comical ditty
From some of my friends in the city
The verses are short
And I think that you ought
To admit that the chorus is pretty.

Chorus: With a fol-the-rol-lol
Fol-the-rol-lol-the rol-lady
Fol-the-rol-lol-the rol-lady.

There was an old lady of Clewer
She was riding her bike and it threw her
A butcher came by
And said 'Missis don't cry'
And he fastened her on with a skewer.


There's a girl in the town of Kilkenny
She's worried by lovers so many
That the saucy young elf
Means to raffle herself
And the tickets are two for a penny.


There was once an old lady, Lor' bless her
She was climbing one day on the dresser
Now the doctor has said
That she can't leave her bed
Till her bumps are a little bit lesser.


There once lived a girl near the Niger
She smiled as she rode on a tiger
They came back from the ride
With the damsel inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Performed by George Lashwood
Written and composed by Murry & Leigh
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