I'd heard a lot of France, so I seized the chance when I'd the L.S.D.
To go alone, on my sweet own, to that land across the sea
And so ere long I was in Boulogne,
Upon the strict Q.T. en route for gay Paree
And you can bet that when I landed there, that I was quickly taken down
For I got set upon a lady fair, who fairly stormed the town.

Chorus: Oh, she really looked divine as she danced the Serpentine
How I wished she was my pretty Carrie
For she truly was the rage as she tripped about the stage
At the Folies Bergeres in Paree.

I've seen some sights, by day and nights, but never did I see
An audience rave or so behave as they did in Paree
They scraped and bowed, and they yelled out loud
And shook their hats with glee, when she came on to dance
And then the band struck up and she appeared
She never seemed to touch the floor
I showed them I was an Englishman, by shouting out, 'Encore.'


Then two gendarmes came and seized my arms and caused a great to-do
Says I pit-pat, but I don't care that - for any parlez-voo
I gave a shout and got thrown out, but they came outside too
And didn't the people yell.
Next morning I got charged and paid the fine
Got back to London safe and well
Where I found that 'La Belle Serpentine' was born in Camberwell.

Performed by Harry Anderson (1857-1918)
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