Down in a lane two men had quarrelled
Over a girl whom they both admired
Brothers in name but foes in feeling
Passion, alas, their hearts had fired
One said “You traitor, you stole her from me
Hence-forth a stranger to England I'll be”
”If we must part” said the other with pain
“Don't part like this, we may ne'er meet again

Chorus: For old time's sake, don't let our enmity live
For old time's sake, say you'll forget and forgive
Life's too short to quarrel, hearts too precious to break
Shake hands and let us be friends, for old times' sake

Anger prevailed, as foes they parted
Parted as brothers have often done
Jack sailed away to drown his sorrow
And left Tom at home with the bride he'd won
Twelve months after, and then he was left
Left with a babe of its Mother bereft
How like she grew to her, when he revealed
The cause of the quarrel, and how he appealed


Time rolled away, then the brothers one day
Met face to face, and then turned away
But the little peacemaker, their rough hands she grasped
And whispered so softly as their fingers she clasped
“In her sainted name, who looks down from above
My own angel mother you both used to love

Sung by Miss Millie Lindon
Written and composed by Charles Osbourne
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