The title of my song will be, Forever
I don't suppose you'll stand me, Forever
This is about the queerest song
That ever to me did belong
And if you like, I'll keep it on, Forever.

I've lately been and sworn off drink, Forever
And I shall keep my vow, I think, Forever
Last week I went upon the spree
So my 'old girl' pitched into me
She's left a mark, and there 'twill be, Forever.

The only 'bob' I had, has gone, Forever
And so my clothes I've sent to pawn, Forever
Oh yes, they've gone clean 'up the spout'
And as I've no coin to get them out
They'll stay up there without a doubt, Forever.

No other Grand Old Man we'll get, Forever
And we shall thank our stars you bet, Forever
Poor Billy's nearly had his day
At least so many people say
Whilst others wish with us he'd stay, Forever.

Salvation bands are down our street, Forever
To live down there is 'not' a treat, Forever
Each day they make a pious show
And say we'll meet above you know
Ere I'll meeet them I'll stay below, Forever.

My mother-in-law has come to stay Forever
It's ten to one she goes away, Forever
She's always on the N.A.G
And makes a perfect show for me
I'll chuck her out I will, you see, Forever

Our Parsons have their sermons now, Forever
They make them up themselves they vow, Forever
A parson who's a friend of mine
Gives sermons which are most sublime
I write 'em up, a bob a time, Forever.
Performed by Slade Murray (1859-1913)
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