Old Billy Brown's very fond of having sprees?
When he's had a drink or two he can't pronounce his T's
One night his wife said 'Wherever have you been?'
Said Bill, 'I can't remember but I'll tell you what I've seen.'

Chorus: 'Forty fousand frushes
With forty fousand fevvers round their throats
Didn't they look fine, didn't they look sweet
Lifting up their beaks and singing tweet-tweet-tweet
Some blokes see blue elephants, pink tigers and green goats
But I saw forty fousand frushes
With forty fousand fevvers round their throats.'

There's lots of secrets that never would be heard
If it wasn't for a certain little dicky bird
Brown says his wife learns his secrets every day
Now who are all those dicky birds that give the game away?

Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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