I've 'eard about love in a cottage,
'Ow it's better than mansions and gloom
But I'll sing of love under circs that I know
In a three bob a week back room
'Cos that's the extent of my palace,
Not very much room as you say
When the furniture's in, but I give you my word
'As the sticks don't get much in the way.

Chorus: An' it's four flights up, an' it's four flights down
The furniture ain't very much to see
It's a creaking bit o' gloom,
Three bob a week back room
But while the wife and nipper's there,
It's 'ome sweet 'ome to me.

There's only one chair in the carsey
But that's quite enough Ri' declares
'Cause when we're all in she can sit on my knee
An' the nipper can sit on hers
We've only one rickety table
Now toffs would say that was absurd
It ain't very big, but it's quite big enough
For the grub- I can give you my word.


One night I went and found the gloomy place
Unbrightened by the wife and nipper's face
No trace of them about there could I see
Until I found a note addressed to me
It said, 'I've gone.' The words my heart nigh broke
'I've gone off wiv a better lookin' bloke.'
I looked around, could scarce believe it true
She'd gone and took my little nipper too
The sunshine from my life she took beside
And wiv' the anguish I thought I'd a died
I bow'd upon the table in despair
Until I heard a footstep on the stair
An' straight in walked my LIz wiv' all her charms
Wiv' our dear little nipper in her arms
Says she, 'I've been a stroll, far as the Green
Says I, 'What does this letter mean?
For when I read it my heart nearly broke.'
She kissd me and said, 'Why Bill, it's a joke
I've been out wiv' our nipper, and it's true
That he's a better looking bloke than you.'
Ah, how those words soon banished all the gloom
And brought the sunshine to our top back room.

Performed by Charles Seel (d. 1903)
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