Last week 'twas six years since I dined, as I'm a living sinner
So as I'd sixpence in my 'sky' I thought I'd have a dinner
To Lipton's by my pal Ted Wales I had been recommended
So with him and his missis I went in and did the splendid
I paid my four-p'ny-a'p'ny, wolfed about enough for seven
Then felt so full I went to sleep and dreamt I was in Heaven.

Chorus: Oh, Tom Lipton! You have done the job for me
With your four-p'ny-a'p'ny banquet as supplied to Royalty
I wolfed the soup and 'baby's head' but when the pudden come
Talk about a balloon, well, look at my tumty tum.

I came out full, and hailed a 'bus, to dodge our beastly climate
The man said, 'We're full up inside,' I answered, 'So am I mate.'
I'd half a pint and swelled out so, when that got down my throttle
I fairly burst the 'four-ale bar' into the 'Jug and Bottle'
My wife said, 'Ben, now my name's Bill, though she's an artful dodger
I'd grown so stout she took me for her fav'rite young-man lodger.


Next day I had another feed, the kids did all chi-hike me
Said they, 'That ain't old tin-ribs, No! It's Daniel Lambert - strike me.'
I took the wife there for a feed, and soon she was a gone-er
When she got home she'd nothing else but broken strings upon her
That night we both woke up in bed and trembled like two good 'uns
We both had dreamt that we'd been chased by one of Lipton's puddens.


Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1900
Performed by Harry Freeman (1858-1922)
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