At the bottom of Adversity Hill
There's a place called Poverty Street
And, if you should live there, the world's very hard
And a friend you will seldom meet
The sun of prosperity rarely shines,
And all is dark down there
No one seems to have a friend at all,
For friendship is so rare.

Chorus: When you're living down in Poverty Street
Nobody knocks at your door
When you're living down in Poverty Street
Folks all know you're poor
But when your bit of silver turns into gold
It drives away all care
Then you'll find that everybody's knocking at your door
When you're living in Golden Square.

If you're living in Poverty Street,
Then you'll find the people so kind
They say what a jolly good fellow you are
If you rise you will bear in mind
It's not always you, but it's what you have
To give, or lend, or spend
When you're poor, it's very hard to find
The one who is your friend.


If you're living on Prosperity Hill,
Or that place called Poverty Street
Then, you must remember, a man is a man
When a pal who is broke you meet
It isn't the coat that he wears makes a man
But it's the heart inside
Help a friend, you might want one yourself
The world is very wide.

Written and composed by Paul Pelman & Herbert Rule - 1908
Performed by Kate Carney (1868-1950)
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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