When I was in the army
I was a cavalryman you know
And whenever I went on parade
A magnificent picture I made
Through my galloping here
And my galloping there
This ridiculous habit I got
And I'm hanged if I don't think I'm galloping now
Whether up in the saddle or not
And the people they stare at me so
For it matters not where I go, It's

Chorus: Bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bump as if I was riding my charger
Bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bump as proud as an Indian Rajah
All the girls declare that I'm a gay old stager
Hey, hey, clear the way here comes the galloping major.

Last year I thought I'd treat myself
To a holiday by the sea
So I went, and my quarters I fixed
Then I found that the bathing was mixed
So I galloped away to a bathing machine
In the busiest part of the day
And I soon felt at home with the girls in the water
And joined in their frivolous play
They were beautiful creatures but lor'
How they giggled as soon as they saw, me


I always was a ladies man
And a favourite with the sex
Well, I called upon one Yesterday
Though I won't give the lady away
She started to talk of my army career
And was quite interested you see
But I got rather tired so we talked about her
Which was more interesting to me
And she said I'd been taking some wine
For as soon as we sat down to dine, I went,

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Fred W. Leigh & George Bastow
Although George Bastow performed this song on stage, he never recorded it.
It was, however, recorded by one of his contemporaries, Stanley Kirkby (1880-1949),
under the pseudonym of Walter Miller, in 1907.
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