Shure you've heard about the Banshee, the terror of the place
Wid its groaning and its moans, and the sulphur on its face
In the wilds of Galtimore boys, when I was staying near
'Twas the Banshee every night boys, that surely would appear
Faix the praste he exorcised it, but it wouldn't lay to rest
And when drunken Riley braved it, how it struck him on the chest
Shure it gave the pigs hysterics, the praties all the blight
So they say, and this is what was heard at twelve A.M. each night.

Chorus: The banshee, The banshee, bejabbers don't you hear?
It's groanin' and moanin' bedad, it's mighty queer
Wid arms out so - it's frightened many a score
The Banshee, The Banshee, of famous Galtimore.

Some insisted 'twas the 'Old One' come up from down below
Some said, 'It's the greatest say sarpint ye all of yez must know.'
Some said, 'Och it's but a lady whose spirit's not been laid.'
Other said, 'It isn't Irish, yez can see it's foreign made.'
Bets were made and fights were frequent as to who was right or wrong
But the road where it was standing ne'er a one would go along
When the p'licemen went to capture it, directly they got nigh
They gave out one mighty groan and fled, re-echoing this cry.


Whisht! draw near, it's a saycret - I tell yez in a crack
What it was, me boys, entoirely, but moind and kape it back
'Twas the ould 'directing post' boys, my coat upon its arms
And my caubeen on its head, boys, that gave them all the qualms
Wid a little bit of sulphur rubbed just underneath the hat
'Twould have frightened Nick himself, boys, lave alone an honest Pat
Faith! I knew the boud police were in hunting after me
So I frightened them away, boys, I invented the Banshee.

Written and composed by E. W. Rogers - 1892 (as part of his 'Shamus O'Brien' sketch).
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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