There's a little restaurant on old Broadway
Where they keep the music going night and day
Or even in the morning or the afternoon
Any time you wander in you hear a tune
I think the man who owns it has the right idea
He feeds the empty stomach and he pleases the ear
The only reason that I eat there every night
Is because the music seems to help my appetite
Gee that's fine, Oh strains divine
Everybody order 'cause I'm going to buy the wine.

Chorus: Oh when that orchestra starts a-playing
You can see everybody present swinging and swaying
You can hear knives and forks beating on the dishes
See the waiters running with steaks and fishes
When you hear all the boys and girls harmonising
Lordy me, but the swing of the tune's appetising
I could never explain the way that I feel
Wait until they play another, you'll forget your home and mother
Gee, but I like Music with my Meals.

Think I'll have some soup but first a dry cocktail
After that I'll have a guinea hen or quail
It's great to have the music playing while you eat
Ever see the waiter with the musical feet
The music seems to penetrate the kitchen too
The cook begins to dance while he's stirring the stew
Oh, everybody's just as happy as can be
Waiter take another order, bring the check to me
That's immense, my brain is dense
Music makes me feel as if I've got no sense.

Written and composed by Nat D. Ayer (1887-1952) & A. Seymour Brown (1885-1947)
Performed by Ayer & Brown.
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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