I used to be just a month ago, a girl at an A.B.C. depot
Where you pay a penny for a cup of tea
And flirt with the girl who serves you - free
But I heard of Japan and the frolics played
By the girls out there in the tea-house trade
So I packed my traps and on board ship
To the land of the Japs took a third class trip
Had a lovely time at sea, you know
You know, below, with the steward and co
But I reached Japan somehow, and became a Geisha, and now.

Chorus: Every little Jappy chappie's gone upon the Geisha
Trickiest little Geisha ever seen in Asia
I made things hum a bit, since I became a Geisha
Japanesey, free an easy tea-house girl!

I got the address of a tea-house man
(It sounds like swearing in pure Japan)
A sort of local Lockhart, who
Gave a japanese wink which means, 'How do you do'
In a simple way soon to terms we came
I said, 'Um -um' - he replied the same
Then whispered 'Kimono' and gave me these
And said, 'Put 'em on dear' in Japanese
But seeing that I didn't know how
When the rest were gone, helped me put them on
For these Japanese are so polite
And when we'd finished, said, 'You allee right.'


All I have to do - so you'll understand
Why I'm such a hit in Flowery Land
While the Johnny Japs sit and drink their tea
Is to sing them songs - sitting on their knee
The work's like the climate - rather warm
Though to me of course it's a matter of form
But the songs - ah well! if you heard a few
You'd know why the air over there's so blue
But when I begin to dance
It's like Boxing Night and a gallery fight
For ever since I have shown them these (raises skirt)
And a mixture of English and Japanese.

Written by Charles Wilmott and composed by George Le Brunn - 1897
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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