Ah, woe is me, a broken heart
My true love left, the tear drops start
He's gone afar to Africee,
That's farther than he went with me

To make his fortune off he flit
They must have caught him making it
The years have fled, but he no doubt
Will come back when they let him out.

Chorus: But he kissed me when he left me
And he told me to be true
When he wooed me by the wood yard
Where we used to woo to woo
And he gave me a geranium
And I placed it in me ferns
And I wore his geranium
Till my true love returns.

His photograph I always keep
Beneath my pillow whilst I sleep
Last night I woke and found that I
Had put my big toe through his eye

I heard that when he went from me
A lady friend asked him to tea
But that's two years ago, I vow
They must have finished tea by now.

Written and composed by Collins
Performed by Nellie Wallace (1870-1948)
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