Get Away Johnnie

I'm a flirt as you'll discover,
All my sweethearts I can tease,
When I stroll out with my lover,
Don't I like a gentle squeeze.
When is arm around your waist is stealing,
Oh, it thrills you through and through,
Who can describe the scrumptious feeling,
This is what you'd better say and do,

Chorus: Get away, Johnnie, I'm sure there's someone by,
Get away, Johnnie, to kiss me don't you try.
Get away you naughty man, or I shall kick and strike,
Well get away a little closer if you like.

When the silver moon is shining,
Lovers through the fields should stray,
With your arm in his reclining,
Hearing all he has to say.
Such a stroll is sure to please you,
When the bloom is on the rye,
Should he try to kiss or squeeze you,
Then you'd better make reply.


If you quarrel, be forgiving,
While the sun shines, make your hay.
Love alone makes life worth living,
So enjoy it while you may.
Women vainly make resistance,
Man is pressing, as you'll find,
Still, to keep him at a distance,
Keep this answer in your mind.


Written and composed by Wilton Jones & Alfred Leigh - 1886
Performed by Nellie Bouverie (b. 1859)
Performed By Harry Monkhouse (1854-1901)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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