One night, as I was walking out,
I met six other giants, like myself.
They were as green as green could be,
Not so full of devilment as me.
They said, 'We want to see the sights.
And you are just the fella we require.'
I said, 'You leave this job to me,
I'll show you how to set the town on fire.'

'Get behind and follow me lads,
Get behind and follow me.
I'll show you round the town,
And if you see me with my stockings down.
Get behind and follow me lads,
It's as easy as can be.
If you see me in 'The Strand'
With a barmaid in each hand,
You do, the same as me.

Performed by George Formby Senior (1877-1921)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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