I'm a giddy little man, from a giddy little town
With giddy little railway station
I'm the giddy little curate of a giddy little church
With a giddy little congregation
When first I came to Slocum-on-the-Dough
It seemed to me that folks were very slow
But through my aid their dumps have gone away
And Slocum now is very, very gay
We have saucy little pa's and saucy little ma's
And oh, such very naughty little tea-fights
We've saucy little cubs, who, with gloves inside our clubs
Now and then indulge in merry little free fights.

Refrain: I'm a merry little rural curate
Quite a ri-toorooral curate
I'm a saucy little, naughty little, merry little, rorty little
Giddy little, gay young curate.

Just a week ago we'd a saucy flower show
With a nobby little brass band blowing
With a giddy little dance, and the girls began to prance
With their naughty little tootsies showing
I larked and romped, just like a merry lamb
The girls said, 'Oh, you little bit of jam.'
They knocked me down, and rolled me in the hay
And tickled me till I shouted, 'Go away.'
Then on bottled lemonade quite a night of it we made
And although, you know, I wore my very best coat
The ladies made me laugh till it fairly split in half
And I burst the buttons off my little waistcoat.

Refrain: I am a jolly little, gay young curate
Tol-lolly little, gay young curate
Quite a snippy little, snappy little, chippy little, chappy little
Toodle-oodle-oo young curate.

I'm a noted amateur, on the stage I am a cure
As a rorty low comedian fellow
I'm a nobby Box and Cox, and although a giddy ox
I'm an Irving when I play Othello
I dance a step, and song a comic song
Though people say it's very, very wrong
And champion I for miles am known to be
At shifting cups of other people's tea
I go out each afternoon for a chatter and a spoon
And each girl a pot of tea will surely keep hot
And I have a little swill, though I never seem to fill
And the girls say I'm a giddy little tea-pot.

Refrain: I'm a chatty little, sweet young curate
Such a natty little, neat young curate
Such a cooing little, billing little, eating little, swilling little
Naughty tea-and-toast young curate.

With a dashing little chum, from another little drum
Up to town I toddled last May Meeting
With the sauciest of suits, and with patent leather boots
Down the Strand we ourselves were treating
We found a shop, and bought a penny bun
We chaffed the girls, and thought it jolly fun
And really now we did make such a noise
The girls said, 'Oh you naughty little boys!'
Then we went and saw a play - where it was I cannot say
But the dress, I must confess, was rather rude - ah
We enjoyed a little laugh, and although our friends may chaff
Still I thought we'd say the play we saw was 'Judah'

Refrain: I'm a ballet-gazing gay young curate
And a most amazing gay young curate
Such a Strandy little, towny little, sandy little, downy little
Jolly little rural curate.
Written and composed by Augustus E. Durandeau - 1891
Performed by Charles Gofrey (1851-1900)
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