I'm always in the fashion, I'm a noted chap for that
So lately I've been walking about the streets without a hat
I do without a caddy, and it saves me half a quid
I'm like a blooming saucepan on the fire without a lid
I go you know strolling round the town
And wag my little cane about
Girls they all say 'Ginger's on the mash'
Then dig me in the ribs and loudly shout.

Chorus: 'Don't walk about without your cady on
Ginger you're balmy!
Get your hair cut.' they all begin to cry,
'With nothing on your napper, Oh, you are a pie!
Pies must have a little bit of crust
Why don't you join the army
If you want to look a don, you want a bit of something on
Ginger you're balmy.'

One day I went into the zoo with such a smiling face
But oh, there was a hul-la-ba-loo when I got in the place
The keeper started chasing me, though I was in a rage
They put a chain around my neck and bunged me in a cage
I cried, 'I'm not a monkey, on my word'
Then I had to buy them all some beer
When they let me out they told me this
'If you want to keep away from here.'


My missus took me in a pub, the guv'nor Mr Hogg
He stroked my head, then gave me a cake, he took me for a dog
A policemen stopped the traffic, shouted out with all his might
'Look out! here comes the North Pole with the top part all alight'
My wife said, 'Your napper's like a sieve.
Its full of little holes I bet
When it rains 'twill let the water in
And then your feet will both of 'em get wet.'

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Fred Murray - 1910
Recorded 1910 by Harry Champion (1866-1942)
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