I am a girl who's rather larky, always dressing myself in Khaki
Just the same as the men who claim to fight for their home and Queen
Now they're winning a nation's praises,
You all know what the latest craze is
Khaki this and Khaki that, well I'm on in that scene
Khaki boots and stockings on either leg
And every morn, at breakfast time, I have a khaki egg
Khaki cuffs and collars, yes, and khaki 'dicky dirts'
And I've got khaki bloomers on underneath my skirts.

Chorus: I'm the girl - the girl - the girl in the khaki dress
Fellows following me, so larky
Busmen hollering, 'Watcher, khaki'
Oh girls - their love they can't express
What oh. That's Flo! the girl in the khaki dress.

Bus that I always go to town on, isn't right if it ain't a brown one
Everything is khaki that I either eat or drink
In the restaurant, to the waiter,
I say 'Bring me a khaki tater'
If he calls me 'cocky', I give him a khaki wink
I am khaki everything, it's true
Why, when I bank my money, I've a khaki bank book too
I dress in the fashion, as I stroll around the town
My hair was once a brilliant black, now it's a khaki brown.


Pa's got a house at Regents Park, he had to have it repainted khaki
Whim of mine, and dear Papa consented well, of course
Smiled as sweetly as he was able
I've just been going through the stable
Won't let him keep anything except a khaki horse
Khaki sheets and blankets and, I declare
In every bedroom in the house we've khaki crockery ware
What say? too much khaki? That's just where the fun begins
What about my sister, eh? Just had khaki twins!

PDF Sheet Music
Written by J. P. Harrington and composed by George Le Brunn - 1900
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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