Joe in London settled down, left his little cotton town
Left behind his sweetheart fair, working in the factory there
And when from his room he'd spy, girls in stylish clothes go by
He'd say as his window they'd pass
'I'd rather have my little factory lass.'

Chorus: 'In her clogs and her shawl, little clogs, little shawl
She looks fine, and she's mine, all mine
Other girls, other girls, may be fairy like and tall
But I'd rather be busy with my little Lizzie
The girl in the clogs and shawl.'

After work he'd wander home, never seemed to care to roam
Every little 'billet-doux' He'd keep reading through and through
He would show her picture sweet, when a friend he chanced to meet
Then sigh, as he blushed like a rose
'Now isn't she grand? That's my sweetheart tha' knows.'


When he went to toil each day, workmates to him oft would say
As towards their homes would go, 'Thinking of your sweetheart, Joe?
There are other girls about, nicer girls without a doubt.'
Then he would reply, looking sad,
'You wouldn't say that if you saw her, my lad.'


Written and composed by Harry Castling & C.W. Murphy - 1909
Performed by Daisy Dormer (1883-1947)
Performed by Charles R. Whittle (1874-1947)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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