Nellie Moon

You see that I'm quite in the fashion,
And this I will freely confess,
To look well is always my passion,
And that's why I wear this tight dress.
My hair is as frizzy as fur-sy,
I take care to keep it in curl,
I always appear in a jersey,
Because it becomes a nice girl.

Chorus: I'm the girl in the tight fitting jersey,
And I come from the banks of the Mersey,
My dress is so tight it won't come off at night,
So I have to sleep in my jersey.

I feel fit to burst just this minute,
This dress is so awfully tight,
I though I can scarcely breath in it,
To wear it like this is so right.
Though fellows at jerseys, may snigger,
Yet wear them we certainly must,
It shows off a pretty girl's figure,
And nicely develops the bust.


This nice jersey fits me so tightly,
I can't draw it over my head,
So I have to sleep in it nightly,
And in it I must go to bed.
Oh, who on this girl will take mercy,
You see that I'm ready to weep,
I've no-one to draw off my jersey,
Before I am going to sleep.


Written and composed by J.F. McArdle & Alfred Lee
Performed by Nellie Moon (d. 1907)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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