Once I met a traveller on the highway
Journeying my way, so we passed the time of day
We tramped along through many a shady by-way
And his cheeriness threw every care away
Needy, seedy, shabby and down at heel
His optimism really was sublime
Tho' the road to fame I guess he missed
He wouldn't be a pessimist
For here's the song he chanted all the time.

Chorus: Give it a smile, whatever comes to you
Whether it's good or bad
Give it a smile, whatever comes in view
The darkest cloud you'll find is always silver lined
Give it a smile, when things are looking blue
Whistle a tune boys, never say die
Never mind what reverse you meet
Make up your mind you won't be beat
Give it a smile and make the clouds roll by.

Lots of people manage to find the right road
Travel a bright road and they gaily sing a song
It is easy when you're carrying just a light load
And the journey isn't difficult or long
Toiling, moiling, climbing a hill that's steep
Is then you need to cultivate a smile
And when hunger's pangs you've felt a bit
And tighten up your belt a bit
And every yard seems longer than a mile.

Written and composed by Wilmott & Long
Performed by Albert Whelan (1875-1962)
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