The good ship will soon sail to distant shores
And friends are all saying good-bye
Farewell to the homeland and those so dear
Is uttered with many a sigh
The last handshake over, the last adieu
The vessel goes speeding away
You gaze at the friends you are leaving behind
Then try to be cheerful and say,

Chorus: Give my regards to Leicester Square, dear Piccadilly and Mayfair
Mention me to the folks round there, they'll understand
Speak of me to the boys you greet
Tell them in Bond Street we'll soon meet
Remember me kindly to Regent Street
And give them my love in the Strand.

Across the ocean blue you bound along
Thinking of those far away
The sweetheart you left standing on the quay
With mother so feeble and grey
'Tis hard for to part from the ones you love
The friends who would never forsake
To each passing vessel that's homeward bound
You give them this message to take,


At last you're returning across the sea
No longer you've needed far to roam
With gladness your heart beats to hear the band
On deck playing 'Home sweet home'
The harbour lights seem to shine brighter now
Than ever they did before
You know what welcome awaits you when
You hear your friends sing on the shore.

Written and composed by William Hargreaves - 1905
Performed by Victoria Monks (1885-1927)
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