'I'm leaving you, Australia - when day-break comes once more.'
Said a miner as he stood one night by an old log shanty door
When from the dear old home-land - ruined I sailed away
Over the sea, you welcomed me, and so with regret I say,

Chorus: 'Good-bye Australia, fair land to see
Life was a failure, till you turned the tide for me
Over the ocean new friends I may find
But I'll never forget Australia, and the boys I leave behind.'

Five years ago, Australia, madly I played the game
Wealth I'd plenty and I lived my life
But at last tho' ruin came
Vowing to win back fortune I left my native shore
Gamely I strived - good luck arrived
And I'm going home once more.


When far from you, Australia, oft in the fading light
I shall picture all my dear old chums
Seated round the log fire bright
And then my heart will whisper over the restless main
Chums staunch and true - good luck to you
And may we all meet again.

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