I have come to say good-bye, Dolly Gray
It's no use to ask me why, Dolly Gray
There's a murmur in the air, you can hear it everywhere
It is time to do and dare, Dolly Gray
Don't you hear the tramp of feet, Dolly Gray?
Sounding thro' the village street, Dolly Gray
‘Tis the tramp of soldiers feet in their uniform so neat
“So good-bye until we meet, Dolly Gray.”

Chorus: Good-bye Dolly I must leave you
Though' it breaks my heart to go
Something tells me I am needed
At the front to fight the foe
See the soldier boys are marching
And I can no longer stay
Hark, I hear the bugle calling
Good-bye Dolly Gray.

Hear the rolling of the drums, Dolly Gray
Back from war the regiment comes, Dolly Gray
On your lovely face so fair
I can see a look of care
For your soldier boy's not there, Dolly Gray
For the one you loved so well, Dolly Gray
In the midst of battle fell, Dolly Gray
With his face towards the foe
As he died he murmured low
“I must say good-bye and go, Dolly Gray.”

Written and composed by Will. D. Cobb & Paul Barnes - 1898
Performed by Tom Costello - George Lashwood - Leo Sromont - el al
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