George Leybourne

I loved a girl named Polly, I thought that she loved me,
So joined a ship to take a trip, across the briny sea.
And when the morning had arrived for me to sail away,
I gave the lass a parting kiss and then to her did say,

Chorus: Good-bye Polly I must leave you,
Let us hope the parting will not grieve you.
The ship it sails today, some thousand miles away,
So think of me when I am on the sea.

She vowed that she'd be true to me while I was away,
And thinking what she said was right, I left her my half-pay;
Then with a sigh, bid her good-bye and as they heaved the lead,
I left her standing on the shore, then jumped on board and said,


I saw her in my dreams at night, I thought of her all day,
But did not think that she was false to me, when far away.
For I must oiwn when I alone, was lying on my bed,
I often woke up in a fright and these words have said,


Some years had passed when I returned, with lots of gold in store,
And just you fancy my surprise, when I knocked at the door.
They told me Poll was married, she had been false to me,
So now, no more I'll stay on shore, I'm off again to sea.


Written and composed by John Read - 1885
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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