Myself and my relatives, also the lodger,
Are loyal at heart, by jingo and jove!
We danced the can-can to the tune of 'Sir Roger'
As soon as the glorious news arove.
We cut such a jubilant caper,
As soon as we looked in the paper,
And as in each pocket each one had a quid,
Of course you can guess what we very soon did.

Chorus: For we shouted out, hip, hip, hooray!
And went out on the spree,
We spent our L.S.D.,
Our hearts were filled with glee,
We came home on a shutter,
For I'm blowed if we could walk,
On the night that we heard that the Princess May
Would marry the Duke of York.

We toasted the health of the happy, young couple,
Who some day, perhaps, will be our Queen and King,
And lowered scotch whiskey 'til we could see double,
And then 'Rule Brittania' began to sing.
I said, 'You just listen to me, boys,
Will own they have not loved and suffered in vain.'
'Hear, hear!' shouted Jones, 'Let us toast them again.'


Resuming my speech, I said, 'Look here, old chappie,
There isn't a country of which I'm afraid,
Our townspeople will be exceedingly happy,
To have a good chance of reviving trade.
So let's have a song and a dance, boys,
'Tain't often we get such a chance, boys.'
Then Brown said, 'Now look here, I fancy we're tight.'
I give you my word, 'twas a very warm night.

Written and composed by Norton Atkins - 1893
Performed by Arthur Reece (1870-1964)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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