There's a little man comes round
Every morning he is found
With a big black bag on his back
And a lot of letters that he carries in a pack
He brings all sorts of news, you see
And he always carries one for me
It's a scented note from my best pal
And one comes every day
So I'm always waiting for his knock
Then I'll jump up and say,

Chorus: 'Good morning Mr Postman
Have you brought any letters for me?
Have you brought any letters for me?
'Cos I'm waiting for one don't you see
If you haven't got one then I shall feel very sore
For my heart goes pit-a-pat
When I hear your rat-tat-tat
When you come knocking at the door'

I lie awake from six o' clock
Waiting for his welcome knock
Just to read what my pal writes
'Cos I think about him all the days and all the nights
And sometimes he will pass you see
And look and say there's none for me
Then I say, 'Now, can't you find me one?'
And look with great surprise
'If it's only just a little one
Well, I don't mind the size.'

Written and composed by Paul Pelham & Herbert Rule - 1908
Performed by Kate Carney (1868-1950)
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